Thursday, October 20, 2011

Which should be avoided

Now I will give you some knowledge about health, after all this time I do not post any article on because a lot of activity in serving the family.

Passion for healthy so is in need of every human being living in this world, that spirit can be divided into two, namely physical and spiritual passion. What is the spirit mind and body?

The spirit body is a condition where we can keep our bodies to keep your stamina, stamina can we be a way to exercise and eat and drink in the body need, eating a healthy four and five perfect and multiply drinking water nor shall forget to exercise regularly.

Eating, drinking and exercise as if obliged to do, because these aspects was the one who can make us always in a state of stamina, if these aspects are fulfilled then the pain and body problems could be avoided since the early sebelu disease or where the circumstances our bodies are no longer stamina.

The spirit is the spirit in which we are able to balance our minds. What makes the spiritual health can be impaired from family and work. We can see many men or women who experience stress when having to take care of their children could also quarrel between husband and wife are prolonged.

In the work we have encountered many people who face crumpled when home from work because of problems within the scope of their job. If not we avoid stress from early will make several diseases such as heart and blood pressure.

How to avoid the pressure of work I can probably explain this, have you ever done yoga? Yoga is where the mind and body harmony and positive energy that will help our bodies and minds in a relaxed state.

Relax that's what will be the balance, because we live in needs to balance between body and mind.

After you undergo a few sessions you will get results and you will face life with a calm mind and physical stamina of your spiritual harmony
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