Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome to the new year 2012

Just a few hours we will welcome the new year 2012, the hopes and dreams as if already embedded in the minds of all people, the hope of a better future than in 2011. in welcoming the new year many people who celebrate it with fireworks and set fire to hold the event with friends.

 Before we welcome the new year 2012, we have to contemplate what the new year? The new year was not renewed hope but how do we have to reflect and improve heart and deeds. Years will change but our hearts and our actions will not change as long as we do not want to change its own with sincerity and wisdom.

For people who want to reflect and think then prepare yourself to welcome the world and happiness hereafter. Let's change was the year, let the months, weeks and days will change but do not let you change from good to evil in themselves.

Happiness is only momentary excitement would run for her if we want happiness that is present in our lives and the lives of others. Love yourself and those around you with compassion, then it is a new year in your heart. 
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