Thursday, September 22, 2011

Songs and inspiration

We as human beings and of course common sense would ever feel sad, happy, cry and reflect. All that we do not need to calm that previously thought. Do we know before we laugh, sad and crying? Not right. We feel all that there must be a cause and because it is what will make us do that.

Why I took the song title and inspiration? Because I think the song is part of the reason was. While my own songs was the one who accompanied me whether it's from tape or from other media. Many of the instrumental song that I think as part of my writing this article

As a reason why I put the song kenny instruments. G. Because I think this instrument tracks can relax my mind when writing articles. If the mind is calm body will feel more relak. As it was a disease that attacked us, if we are always tense would be created is high blood pressure or hypertension that would lead us stroke that will lead us into death, because stroke is a disease that most attacking people and resulted in death.

Inspiration one can vary not only from the song, as long as it can help you do is and do not consume drugs, liquor and cigarettes because it is not one that encourages us inspiration, but it's our ticket to the death.

Besides praying and doing positive things that can help you do that
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