Friday, September 23, 2011

Cigarettes are not the end of life

Many people say "if I do not smoke like there's no inspiration" and the words were not said by one or two people but almost all of my friends who smoke. After I study continuously, it turns out people who smoke are addicted and they are hard to leave her.

I think that smoking can be eliminated, for example my husband who previously smoked two packs per day, after I tell it slowly end his smoking habit was lost. Smoking habits that can be omitted, since these habits on their minds, if we direct their thoughts to other things like sucking candy or drinking lots of water will reduce their intentions to smoke.

This had been my husband planted it into my mind and succeed. Having lost the habit of smoking is now more active in exercising and my husband are very pleased with the martial arts sport. According to her martial arts sport can balance the mind and body resistance.

Cigarettes are one of the media of heart disease and lung cancer, we can see an active smoker is not able to do sports like people who do not smoke, in the sense that they are able to exercise it, but stamina and endurance they can not afford more than people who do not smoking.

Because smoking is not the end of life and life does not have a smoke.
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