Tuesday, September 20, 2011

preventing diabetes

The main cause of diabetes is diet, lack of exercise, hereditary factors. Diabetes can come to anyone who does not have a pattern and principles of healthy living, which exceeds the capacity of carbohydrate foods we consume every day and will more likely we are stricken with diabetes and added another in many consuming excess sugar.

Symptoms of diabetes as follows:
Frequent urination
Like sleepy
feel hungry and thirsty
weight loss in less than one week
blood sugar above 200 mg / dl

If you feel these symptoms already, try to directly go to the doctor and check yourself.

Diabetes can be prevented from early to exercise, insulin in accordance with our bodies, find out if there are parents or from the parents who had suffered from diabetes.

A healthy lifestyle will reduce the risk of disease and illness is not only diabetes but there are still many diseases that await you if you can not take the time to exercise and manage your lifestyle
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