Sunday, September 18, 2011

Save a murky grab a clear

The purpose of this title is how we can turn the negative into a positive. Something is happening or that we experience it is impossible for us to throw away from the minds and hearts and I am sure we will not be able to throw it away.

We live not be separated from the bad and the good, the good thing of course would make our hearts happy and bad things that will make our hearts stricken. Something that already happens to be the most valuable lesson for us.

Without us knowing we save and put the worst thing that grounded our hearts most deeply, but a bad thing when it can be a good thing, whether it be for us or for others.

For example we have experienced a broken heart, we will automatically save it to hurt the most in the bottom of my heart, but when we start with our new partner is the worst thing we experienced will be a new lesson, how the worst thing that will not happen again in the new relationship we live with new people.

Such ways that we could understand, according to circumstances, different atmosphere also different point of view we are facing problems. So the worst thing we experienced we sneaked it in the liver and eventually will filter itself like that muddy water based and there is good will to the top, as long as we can anticipate that with reason, thought and science.

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