Thursday, September 15, 2011

Washing hands is beautiful

Why hand washing is beautiful? What do you do with your hands? Once the activity is light weight or what we know germs and germs are in your hand? Certainly not right. Hand is the first media that will put the disease into the body, hands have an important role in the spread of disease into our bodies.

We accidentally touch the germs or seeds of disease and we do not know, we held immediately after the next activity is eating and drinking, it means that the germs will get into our bodies through the foods we eat or the tip cup that will stick in our mouth.

Bacteria will breed easily after entering into our bodies, maybe some of us do not ignore it, sometimes there are people I met told me "foods that will be processed in the stomach and abdomen will know which is where the good and bad," not whether it things that make no sense? Stomach will process what we eat and drink. Who know the bad and the food's good but not the stomach.

Wash hands after activity will prevent the disease into our bodies, is good hand washing with soap or washing hands frequently encountered in the super market or grocery store where we buy medical supplies.

Try to wash your hands at least 15-30 seconds to make sure the germs are in the hands we lost and we avoid some diseases that will harm us.

You do not take the time such detriment to health? You imagine if the disease into our bodies, whether you can remove it for 15-30 seconds?
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  1. good article and inspiring. I support you

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