Monday, September 19, 2011

Environmental cleanliness number 1

We can feel how it impacts the environment around us, if not cleaner, such as odor, flies, mice and certainly the germs that will be carried by the animal. If it's like it is whether we can handle it? My answer is "CAN" but not instantaneous because it takes time and effort and our willingness to change course is a good thing.

We have wishful thinking, but wishful thinking without the implementation we want to eat like we do not want to take the existing rice dipiring, we are just looking at it. Mancintai family must also love our environment, clean environment does not mean we do not love the family. If the environment is dirty and make you sick if it's family called the family love?

Besides we love the environment please plant trees and take good care, because the tree can be a real friend in our lives, not the friend that we can talk but a friend in health. Trees will provide feedback such as oxygen and prevent the flooding that comes when the rainy season arrives.

With a clean and green environment will make us feel at home. When we encounter problems we can see our environment cool and comfortable of course will reduce the burden on our minds. Start with yourself with loving what we should guard
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