Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Country Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelagic country with many tribes and cultures, from one island to another island we can find a variety of diverse customs. In terms of dress, food, house custom, language and much more natural beauty of Indonesia. When we went to the province of East Java berbagia we can find typical food and any area in eastern Java has its own special food, special food rice kediri have pecel, Lamongan is famous for its hawker wingko tripe, Surabaya is famous for its rice cake racing.

That's not all it's only a few cities while the eastern Java has dozens of cities, can you imagine how much food you can find in every island that you flown when on holiday to Indonesia. In terms of culture from one island to the other islands are also different, such as dance and art in terms of music.
ndonesian is a language compulsory for all its citizens, although each island or tribe has its own language which is the local language. If you go to East Kalimantan you will find language Kutai and Dayak languages​​, in south Kalimantan banjar you will find the language and in every city in the row has its own dialog.

Nature Indonesia is famous for its friendliness and community in Indonesia is also famous for the fertility of its soil, there is even a song that likens the "pillars of wood and stone so the plants' fertile soil and abundant marine products into Indonesia's state rich in his produce.

If you've never been to Indonesia to me like something is missing in this life, you can vacation in Bali island and there you can surf and sunbathe on the beach. Bali Island is also famous for the many dances pendet attract the tourists on vacation in bali.

Maintaining and preserving cultural heritage is an obligation of all elements of Indonesian society. Peace is beautiful
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