Saturday, August 27, 2011

Women in the eyes of men

My husband's parents said "men and women have the right to choose berhat reject" those words that always makes me laugh sometimes alone with her husband. Once I asked my husband, how do women figure in the eyes of men? He replied, that she was given the most beautiful gift of god to man is not just a life partner but also a friend to share the joys and sorrows.

Women in the eyes of men there are different versions, one of them how she could put themselves in the environment where they have to socialize with her ​​husband's family and always be the best husband in the eyes of parents and families kecinya new eyes. Many women are not as voted by men because of something that makes it so, such as behavior and procedures for assessing and addressing her problems. Men prefer if the woman's home and care for children and elderly men, although his parents were young or not yet taken care of by his son, but that's expected from a woman's man.

Because according to him, she was better at home than at work helps men, because of family responsibilities in the hands of men and women in matters of material makes it worth staying in the house.

Said my husband could see how happy I am working at home caring for the condition of the house, although he was always helpful but that she expected from me. Perhaps it was also felt most men in this world.

At least in the eyes of men over women d
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