Friday, August 26, 2011

How to look neat

Today many people who do not dress like her, many people are confused determining a suitable style for himself, well now it is telling you How to look neat and appropriate to ourselves and the people nice.

First of all we do is determine a suitable color for our use, especially the people of Indonesia who have skin color or brown. For women aged 24-30 is perfect with a dark gray color that looked relaxed and elegant and subordinate gray jeans dark too, because this color is suitable for various types of hair. Equipped with a leather jacket perfect jeans.

From a style that matches the color should not be tied up, because if the belt does not look very fashionable and not attracting men. When polishing the face try not too thick as it can affect, try seminimalis likely to attract the attention of men.

With the low not high wear sandals will add an elegant impression, because most men do not like to see their partner to wear sandals high, you should wear a watch is small and not wear a big bag. After that good skin care will make you a guy's attention that has been set.

The latter is very important you note How to look neat, that when you walk. Men prefer to see women walking, try not to rush the swing and watch your step, do not be too wide nor too narrow. The views here do not go there that you focus on the road.

With some tricks this please try and see for yourself the results
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