Sunday, August 28, 2011

Valuing people

There are many ways to appreciate other people, one with the way we behave in front of or behind the person. Because judgments about ourselves judged from behavior, people would respect us if we also appreciate that person. In terms of words, mannerisms and the way we honor that person. Many teens are now a little arrogant in his words and deeds, probably from the environment or indeed their character, but I think it could be changed if the teenager is willing to change it, change can we change if we want to pay attention to them with affection.
 Parents and the environment plays an important role in shaping the character of youth, teens will be more mature in thinking when they make friends with people much older than them, because older people would give useful advice than they are friends with friends their age, usually peers they are more likely to do whatever they can to find their identity at this time.

That way they will understand how to respect people in their daily lives. Now and then there must be a difference, because most of the juvenile judge now and later will be the same the only difference being the time, maybe that's true according to them but in terms of psychology will be many changes if not done from now.

Judge people, maybe trivial but it would be fatal if we can not do that from now on, because our lives as human beings are social creatures.

Please start now to judge others by ourselves rather than later
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