Friday, August 26, 2011

Internet as a medium of learning

Media cyberspace explorers, like mozilla, internet explorer, google chrome and opera are very popular among lovers of the internet, especially in Indonesia. Most users are vulnerable adolescents affected with friends, for example, when a friend opens an adult film itself will be affected child.

One way to anticipate this is to block porn network that smells. As someone who understands the internet world we should anticipate from the early teens before plunging into the world of porn. Because the Internet as a medium for learning rather than the media does nasty

Many applications are provided by service providers to block such sites, and more importantly, we must master a little about the system, such as blocking the registry associated with a name that will be looking for. Probably the smallest of things we can make a generation who does not like adult sites.

Many children in the age of 17 years has been to recognize the relationship as adults, because of the Internet porn sites and images that invite a lot of passion, not whether the thing we most avoid.

Hopefully the parents always supervise their children in the home environment while playing the internet and in an environment of friendship with the Internet as a medium of learning
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