Tuesday, September 27, 2011

suggestions and the medication

In some cases the disease we often encounter some obstacles such as mental and resistance to the drugs administered by physicians. In this issue we will discuss the problem of suggestion and medicines because these two highly related elements in the medical world.

Someone with an excess of fear will not be enough with the drugs given a doctor, a doctor will give you a sedative to control the people who have diseases like this.

The media is the most potent therapeutic suggestions from experts, because the disease is perched in a person's thinking and always overshadow the patient. As it was they that feared the snake or even a ghost, this disease can actually omitted it from the mind of the person.

Hypnotherapy is the proper way to eliminate this disease because in hypnotherapy can alter a person's power hayal to forget what they are afraid of it. Suggestion is the ability to affect the patient. Not just an expert hypnotherapist who has the ability to suggestions but the doctors also have the ability to mensugesti the patient.

In this case the patient is already healed 50% of his illness when it comes to expert suggestion when the patient wants to recover. The other 50% was made ​​the expert hypnotherapist.

Between experts and doctors actually hypnotherapy is thin in treating a disease, drug and suggestions are very important in the medical world. Thus we can conclude that the suggestion, and the drug could we bear in
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