Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Peace belongs to whom?

Peace belongs to whom? That was the one who always questioned people, becausepeace is now as if it no longer considered. Many say will reconcile but as if it's just nice words on the lips. Is not human life must be reconciled and mutually tolopng help?

Mutual tolerance of religion, ethnicity, race and country is that we're looking for as the foundation of our lives. Try with a sincere heart and sincere of us used to be the key topeace is. Where is the peace if we do not start from our own?
Let's see the birds chirping in the morning when we wake up from sleep, is not itbeautiful? Let us reflect for a moment and live it while we still have time to do good among fellow human beings.
Let us together build peace from the heart prudence, from the mouth and the mouth ofour daily behavior. I believe peace is beautiful
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