Sunday, September 11, 2011

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It is interesting to note, it turns out facebook more often visited by people. Social networking media is very famous one in recent times, before there myspace social media that had dominated the social networking media. After appearing facebook in our midst as if myspace now fallen sharply in popularity.

In addition blogspot also now starting to fame because of the easy operation and many features that are very easy to operate by a beginner. This media we used to know as diaries even though it turned into a media race to master the skill in quickly indexed by google.

Google role in these things we can not deny, because google has a special way to attract users to the virtual world, one google pamper the guests with several strategies, ranging from the google translation, google web, google images, google news, google books , Google Gmail. The highly efficient way to attract users to always start their activities through google.

Things we can learn from some of the features google is google translation, since many users a virtual world to learn the language of the google translation. From school children to college students in the execution of their duties.

Even many who learned the language from the google translation, is not that a very proud achievement, as a user I can say I'm greatly helped by the presence of these media.
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