Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sports are healthy

Do we know when we are sick? certainly not right if we want to not hurt the sport quickly the key. Sports will release toxins in our bodies for example cholesterol and heart disease, most people now prefer the food than on health. We can see, the crowds at the restaurant from the sports field. Is not it more important sense, if we're not healthy if we eat ravenously when? Certainly not right
Is a time to exercise to maintain stamina, healthy life of our people rather than others, sometimes there are people who say it's okay there is still a doctor's sick, such opinion is that led us to a nest of disease. Sound mind will make us spiritually healthy also in thinking.

A healthy human is able to think rationally in the face of problems. If we can not take the time to exercise so ill prepared in the future because of the actions now will result in later when sick. Regular exercise 3 to 4 times a week will maintain our stamina.

What sport is healthy? All the healthy exercise but I would suggest is running because running is the mother of all sports, you try to see each sport must be accompanied in the field run, run do not need to rush, but do as comfortable as possible, running slowly but will produce sustainable effects are good for our bodies.

Try to be a healthy human body and soul of today do not wait for later, because then not like now 
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