Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Learning to live healthy

What is learning to live healthy? Now we can see for yourself how one's diet, which can be said to be greedy. Greedy in the sense that all the food we eat and do not take into account the consequences of unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and staying up late.

Is not the disease comes because we are asking is not an illness that came to offer themselves, such as cigarettes are destroying themselves and the more dangerous is secondhand smoke or people nearby who do not smoke. A smoker will be faster limp in doing some activities for example when he tried to exercise, that he should be a distance of 5 kilometers because he smokes that he traveled a distance of 2.5 kilometers.

Excessive eating pattern will also result in our body more susceptible to disease such as cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. Indeed, the disease will not come immediately just after we eat too much but the disease will come when we reach age 40 or even less than 40 years.

With unhealthy eating patterns and unhealthy lifestyles will also accelerate the aging and death, our ancestors could reach 100 years of age but an age of 60-70 years are now the highest dikarena his lifestyle and many foods that contain preservatives that reduce our age as of today.

Try from now to start living healthy by exercising, drinking water according to the rules, do not smoke, drink alcohol and stay up because it will permanently damage our bodies. 
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