Monday, August 29, 2011

Social media

Social media is now the trend is facebook and twitter, facebook and twitter in which human beings can connect with each other. In facebook we are familiar with the media unifying the long-lost friendships rope.

There are some colleagues who we knew a few years ago and we do not even know where he went, but after the introduction of social media facebook and twitter you can find them again.

As social media facebook and twitter is very important, caba you see how many millions of people who now use this medium. Very fantastic and incredible, I am a connoisseur of media other than facebook too happy to stay in touch facebook also introduced me to new things that are positive. Know and I know that has not previously know.

Human beings to one another can give each other feedback, although not a direct face to face, please appreciate themselves in the media are simply taking the time where we do not have to open all of our problems. But remain vigilant against the evil that you might not know, because it has a lot of scams that occur by some persons who seek their own personal gain do not know what exactly the media, social media is supposed to unite elements of society that need attention.

As long as we view the media as a useful social media please do what you like and as long as it was reasonable
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