Thursday, August 25, 2011

Learning about computers

Maybe some people think of computers as a medium for adults, but in my opinion, learning about computers should start introducing more closely with children. Since learning about computers today have become one of the subjects at school.

Through the internet children would be more familiar with the outside world apart from the book. This book can make children unwilling to learn even saturated. As an alternative to books, the internet can provide entry into science for children under the age of ten years.

Think about it, if your child is teased her friend because her friend was able to operate a computer? What do you do? As a parent who carefully evaluate the situation, we should be more careful.

In addition to work, parents must also oversee the development of children who are still in the developmental stage. How busy parents are the first teacher who became a child model.

If you have already begun to introduce computers and the Internet for your child, do not forget your position as a teacher who oversaw every behavior and what they do in front of the internet, because now many pictures and porn movies on the internet smell. Educate your children learning about computers so as not to fall

Do your best for your child and especially your family. Be prudent in action, loving your children before you terjunkan understanding to the world of the Internet. About Learning about computers is true
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