Saturday, May 11, 2013

Adverse impacts porn sites

Hello all this time ..... healthy bloggers will share an article about the threat of porn sites for minors. Porn sites by some people as our medium of learning and there is also the opinion of porn sites is a negative thing for one's psychological development.

Of some cases of sexual abuse arising from the perpetrator who watch too much porn. Porn movies to watch now not only adults but children under the age also have started wondering what is called a porn movie. Small children with their curiosity is often heard on television major, although not directly show the contents of the porn but porn words will be stored in their memory is still very sensitive.

Not impossible in the future when they try to open the site or search for porn on the internet or amongst their friends who already know the first porn movie. Such a thing is we need to be alert and always we control continuously so that in their infancy they are always well supervised by parents.

One of the ways we as a people are more understanding is to provide understanding or keep them away from such things. As a blogger who always maintain the purity of the initial intention of blogging is to give insight in the world of internet.

For the bloggers who've experienced would counteract with one of them blocking porn websites with games or with the IP address software that counteract the emergence of porn sites in search.
For bloggers who are good-hearted friends, may be the role models for our sisters struggle rectifier. Greetings bloggers
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome to the new year 2012

Just a few hours we will welcome the new year 2012, the hopes and dreams as if already embedded in the minds of all people, the hope of a better future than in 2011. in welcoming the new year many people who celebrate it with fireworks and set fire to hold the event with friends.

 Before we welcome the new year 2012, we have to contemplate what the new year? The new year was not renewed hope but how do we have to reflect and improve heart and deeds. Years will change but our hearts and our actions will not change as long as we do not want to change its own with sincerity and wisdom.

For people who want to reflect and think then prepare yourself to welcome the world and happiness hereafter. Let's change was the year, let the months, weeks and days will change but do not let you change from good to evil in themselves.

Happiness is only momentary excitement would run for her if we want happiness that is present in our lives and the lives of others. Love yourself and those around you with compassion, then it is a new year in your heart. 
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Which should be avoided

Now I will give you some knowledge about health, after all this time I do not post any article on because a lot of activity in serving the family.

Passion for healthy so is in need of every human being living in this world, that spirit can be divided into two, namely physical and spiritual passion. What is the spirit mind and body?

The spirit body is a condition where we can keep our bodies to keep your stamina, stamina can we be a way to exercise and eat and drink in the body need, eating a healthy four and five perfect and multiply drinking water nor shall forget to exercise regularly.

Eating, drinking and exercise as if obliged to do, because these aspects was the one who can make us always in a state of stamina, if these aspects are fulfilled then the pain and body problems could be avoided since the early sebelu disease or where the circumstances our bodies are no longer stamina.

The spirit is the spirit in which we are able to balance our minds. What makes the spiritual health can be impaired from family and work. We can see many men or women who experience stress when having to take care of their children could also quarrel between husband and wife are prolonged.

In the work we have encountered many people who face crumpled when home from work because of problems within the scope of their job. If not we avoid stress from early will make several diseases such as heart and blood pressure.

How to avoid the pressure of work I can probably explain this, have you ever done yoga? Yoga is where the mind and body harmony and positive energy that will help our bodies and minds in a relaxed state.

Relax that's what will be the balance, because we live in needs to balance between body and mind.

After you undergo a few sessions you will get results and you will face life with a calm mind and physical stamina of your spiritual harmony
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The benefits of martial arts movement

A person who studied martial arts called a warrior, someone could be called warriors when he had studied all the movements and thinking power strong or we often call it by meditation.

Initial movement in the martial arts is a warm-up and continued with the basic exercises in college that they follow lessons. Usually every move in the same martial arts, the only difference being that movement and put the name of the movement in their respective colleges.

The movement we can take heat from the athletic movement and the movement is very helpful in curing some diseases such as, lower cholesterol, prevent arthritis, reduce the risk of heart disease and many more diseases that can be avoided from this warm-up exercises.

Meditation as an alternative person to menyambuhkan itself from disease and avoid attacks that will be directed to us from the enemy who intentionally hurt us. With high power of thought can reverse the enemy attack by exploiting the enemy force into a weapon that can attack people who attack us.

Thus the arts as one of the sport and as a weapon to protect themselves from the attacks and diseases
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suggestions and the medication

In some cases the disease we often encounter some obstacles such as mental and resistance to the drugs administered by physicians. In this issue we will discuss the problem of suggestion and medicines because these two highly related elements in the medical world.

Someone with an excess of fear will not be enough with the drugs given a doctor, a doctor will give you a sedative to control the people who have diseases like this.

The media is the most potent therapeutic suggestions from experts, because the disease is perched in a person's thinking and always overshadow the patient. As it was they that feared the snake or even a ghost, this disease can actually omitted it from the mind of the person.

Hypnotherapy is the proper way to eliminate this disease because in hypnotherapy can alter a person's power hayal to forget what they are afraid of it. Suggestion is the ability to affect the patient. Not just an expert hypnotherapist who has the ability to suggestions but the doctors also have the ability to mensugesti the patient.

In this case the patient is already healed 50% of his illness when it comes to expert suggestion when the patient wants to recover. The other 50% was made ​​the expert hypnotherapist.

Between experts and doctors actually hypnotherapy is thin in treating a disease, drug and suggestions are very important in the medical world. Thus we can conclude that the suggestion, and the drug could we bear in
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